Daniel Arthuus


Daniel Arthuus / 1996

Visual artist working in The Netherlands

What does it mean to be human? I ask myself this question often because I do no longer understand what a human is. 300.000 years ago humankind was prey, part of the food chain and knew his position on earth. And now? An animal species who transcended the food chain and slowly moves towards becoming an interplanetary species.

I review my work as a game between me and the viewer, in which I try to unravel the origins of our collective human identity. Therefore I experiment with concepts such as free will, progress, ethics and religion. So that I might one day be closer to the answer of the question: What are the core principles of our species?

_ Bachelor in Fine Arts. At the AKV Sint Joost Academy 2018
_ Minor in philosphy and ethics. At Fontys 2017

_ Inversie, talentdevelopmentprogram. Talenthub Brabant by Witte Rook, TAC and KunstpodiumT. 2020-2021.
_ Man and Nature in the Anthropocene. At the ISVW 2018
_ Analogue photography and print techniques. At the St. Joost Academy 2017
_ Kill your own darlings. Masters in Fine Arts in Den Bosch 2016
_ Graphic Printing techniques. At the St. Joost Academy 2016

_ Groupshow. MotMot. Breda. 2020
_ Mini-residency. KunstpodiumT. Tilburg. 2020
_ XTRA weekend, residency. Witte Rook, Breda. 2020
_ Kunstenaar in de wachtkamer, residency.
Doctors practice Van Hillo. Dordrecht. 2020
_ Projectweken, residency. Pictura. Dordrecht. 2019
_ Have fun darling! Stadsarchief Breda. Breda. 2019
_ Vers Weekend. Bergarde. Heerjansdam. 2019
_ C-Section The Musical, graduation show. Sint Joost, Breda. 2018
_ Floyd Firestone & the ultrasonic gang from the other side. De Fabriek, Eindhoven 2018
_ Het Fotoasiel II. Atrium Sint Joost, Breda 2018
_ Manifestaties. Drie Mollen, Den Bosch 2017
_ Het Fotoasiel. Atrium Sint Joost, Breda 2017
_ Vieze vloeren. Atrium Sint Joost, Breda 2016
_ Perspective. Open space, Dordrecht 2016

_Interview voor het AD, 16 mei 2019
_Makersborrel #2 2019
_Sint Joost Penning 2018
_Metropolis_M 2018
_C-Section, The Musical 2018
_Co-autheur “Hermanie” 2017